Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Settled! ... For the Next Fifteen Years

We've been crazy for multiple reasons but this being the biggest - we bought a large home and moved! It was something we debated on and off the last two years. We love our first little home, it was and still is perfect in location- near a great elementary school, awesome neighbors and friends- and it terms of size, good for my small children. I could hear and almost always see them in the house and backyard and know what was or wasn't going on at any given time. My only beef with the house was the lack of storage space ( but we remedy that with Knet custom built shelving in every room imaginable) and the kitchen size. There was also the nagging thought that it might be too small once the kids were teenagers. When I mention that it has the same square footage as the largest apartment on Midwestern Campus most of our friends agreed that moving was a certainty in our future. But there was such a part of me that didn't want to leave the area, particularly our congregation or ward. These people had become family over the last 9 years since we moved in and I couldn't magine life without them.

So we figured we'd make it a matter of prayer and gave extremely strict parameters to out friend and realtor, Amy Lenard. The area we were interested in had a North south distance of about a mile and East west distance of less than half a mile, the home had to have 3 plus bedrooms and no pool. Honestly we didn't think much would turn up but God has a,way of answering prayers and one evening this home popped up in my MLS email.

We went to see the home immediately the next day. Techincally they weren't going to show it until the open house on Saturday but they let us in anyhow. The original owner had the home for 15 years and then moved out to be closer to their grand kids. They rented it out and got the worse kind of renters you can get - the disgruntled, vengeful kind who then destroyed the flooring, counters and many blinds. By the time we saw it they had replaced almost everything except the blinds and it looked brand new. We knew there would be many bids and worried that ours wouldn't be accepted, but somehow through our first meeting we must have given them a good impression and they accepted ours despite it not being the highest. Had we waited until the open house I doubt they would have remembered us so well.
The staircase is beautiful! I've always wanted a spiral one, but this one will do just fine!

It's located right behind the high school softball field which I'm told by many parents will save us much grief during the junior and senior high years since our kids will be able to just walk to the school and avoid the nightmare of traffic always at its corner. It has a huge backyard complete with full grown lemon, grapefruit and orange trees. My favorite is the kitchen, literally 3 times the counter and cupboard space I had previously. I'm so glad I won't have to go to my bedroom to get can goods anymore! It's a 3 bedroom with a loft area that we've seen converted into a bedroom. For now, Elias and Isaac will share a room while the loft becomes the play area. It's been wonderful to have only one area of the house to pick up after! Then perhaps n the future we might give the boys their own room.
Notice how Isaac and Keila are already fighting over the rooms! ;0) This is the play area/ crafting room.
Kids bathroom.
Our master tub, have yet to really enjoy the space of it and must find time to remediate that!

I'm so grateful to have found this home! It's felt right all along and we look forward to many years in it as our children grow!

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  1. Nice House!! We need to visit =) Glad you enjoy the visit in MD, come again hope it doesn't take more than 5 years like last time!