Saturday, May 24, 2014

18 Weeks

Hallelujah! I've finally had one whole week without major nausea and fatigue! I'm officially 18 weeks now and it's hard to believe that in two more weeks I'll be half way! I'm afraid between the 2 1/2 hours of daily napping and 10 hour sleeps at night I had very little time or energy for blogging. Kent and I joked about me becoming narcoleptic because the moment the kids were in bed and I could just sit on the couch, I was out cold. It was lovely though to wake up in the mornings to see my wonderful husband clean the kitchen for me. I'm grateful to finally be back to some more regular hours and the house looks a little less chaotic.

The old ultra sound photo from 11 weeks

The nausea went hand in hand with the fatigue and it was rather depressing not to take comfort in food. I'd take the time to cook easy meals (went through an especially Japanese/Asian phase) and would only be able to eat a bite or two before I'd have to leave the table and distract myself from the heaving motions of my stomach. On a side note the kids and hubby loved chicken katsu and i finally figured out the missing ingredient to my miso soup. My weight dropped at least 10 lbs below my per-pregnancy weight. This week I've been satisfied to see it start rising again and everyone is happy that strawberries and ice cream no longer give me the shakes!

While the kiddos went through a round of sharing fevers I took some time to add a splash or two to some cheap maternity finds and was rather pleased with the results.

We've been discussing names as a family. Of course the kids are giving all sorts of silly names, such as ladybug, toothless, polka dot, etc. I tried to drive home the point of it being something she wouldn't get teased over by saying ",if we name her ladybug someone might want to put her in a jar" or, " if we call her polka dot, people might poke her dots!" Keila finally understood and suggested the name Emily. Hopefully now we'll get better input when we bring up the subject.

Belly shot at 18 weeks.

It hit Kent and I that we really only have 6 months to get everything in place. We need to move the boys to a smaller room and get bunk beds. I shudder to think of adjusting Eli to a big boy bed and the freedom afforded him with his 6am wake ups. A nutty part of me wants to paint the girls room pink with my new found energy so at least one of my children will have a room finished when they come into this world. Ah, so much to do and with time passing too quickly. In two weeks we do our ultrasound, the first chance the kiddos have of seeing their sibling. The excitement mounts!

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  1. You look beautiful! And I LOVE Keila's names choice. :) IKEA might become your best friend in getting bunk beds.