Sunday, May 18, 2014

May happenings

Too much happening and I have to wonder how we'll survive once baby girl is here! Our favorite Grandma asked for a ride to Bellair ward picnic and since we always like to visit with old friends, we couldn't resist!

The kids have spent time alone with her often. Isaac has a birdhouse he's painting with her and Keilas's done a few crafts too. Sometimes I bring over a lunch and we picnic with Helen and her dog Buster. She's such a blessing to me, just one less kiddo on and off does wonders for my sanity!

Mother's Day was spent being spoiled by everyone. Kent prepped dinner and I was given many gifts by my cutie pies. This picture is just a few.

Later that evening we all tested out our newly renovated bathroom and new jet tub. Keila says it's like having a nice warm, bubbly blanket that turns you into jello! It was a lot of stimulus for Eli but he definitely was just a lump after it! Afterwards older two built a fort styled spa wherein I laid on pillows to receive a rather unique massage. I had to smile at the gesture, it was very thorough and meant to relax me but I think I ended up with more tickes and giggles than anything else.

Keila had her last school day with her friends and we enjoyed a swim party with her classmates. She was a little fishy calmly swimming from one point to another while classmates would scream jumping in or flounder floating by clinging to a noodle. Eli enjoyed the pizza there and flirted with everyone in sight.

Isaac also had his kindergarten celebration. Unfortunately keila came down with a fever and Eli had just gotten over his so ken opted to stay home so Isaac and I could have a night out. We hit Rita's where he was stuffed to the brim with custard and Italian ice and then he had a blast chatting and hugging friends in his rather exuberant manner. I was funny to me how he'd pick them up/hug from behind and the kid would automatically yell, "Isaac!" And then giggle. Obviously this occurs rather frequently and there was no way to contain his energy. I couldn't get him to stop long enough for pictures! I'm glad though that he is so winsome and enjoys so many friends. This was the oly shot we could get that our friends got of us. Isaac wasn't too happy to hold still and miss friends passing by!

Eli and I managed to meet up with a few friends from Sharing DS of AZ at Oasis gym for powerhour. It's like having an hour of PT for our kids for only $5. Instead of working so hard to motivate them to work certain muscles, we expend our energy keeping them contained! Once we meet up with Emily and his little man, and another time it was with Kelli and her son. Out kids were so tuckered out afterwards and I'm sure they napped well.

Isaac's soccer season ended and unfortunately he was to sick to attend the swim party with his friends. We were glad to get some pictures the week before of the whole team and I had his friends sign his jersey as a parting gift.

It's a good end to a school year and we look forward to the summer of fun!

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