Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We're Just Peachy!

We'd been wanting to go peach picking all month long but Isaac's soccer schedule kept us from it. Saturday of Memorial weekend was our first chance and so we packed a breakfast for the road and headed out early. We meet up with Aunt Wendy and cousin Carly and had a blast picking the rosy juicy fruit.

Eli was on my back for much of it and watched with envy as everyone sampled one or two. We gave him plenty of bites but apparently he felt the injustice of not having his very own and the moment I let him down he grabbed at any fruit withing reach. If I batted his hands from grabbing a fallen peach he'd growl his displeasure and even went so far as to yell at me (a rarity) in his own Bubby way. I finally set him down in the dirt and picked one from the tree just for him. I wish I had the camera on hand to capture the way he sunk his teeth and nose into the fuzzy fruit and his eyes widen in delight. These shot were taken once half the peach was gone - a much less ravenous Bubby!

We also visited the store afterwards to pick up some garden fresh tomatoes, peach salsa, some fudge and lollipops for the road. The place is rather quaint with all its antiques and rows of canned yummies. Had we been able to go earlier we would have enjoyed the peach festival and all the rides and activities that come with it. It's definitely in our plans for next year.

On our way home we asked if the kids wanted to stop for dim sum for lunch. It was a resounding yes!

We topped off the Memorial weekend by making peach ice cream Twice! The first time needed more sugar and more peach flavor. It was more of a cream with a faint taste of peach so we used it to top our peach pancakes. The kids died and went to heaven since they thought I had lost my mind to let them have ice cream for breakfast. (Little do they know that i use to sneak a scoop each morning of vanilla to put in my bowl of cracked wheat cereal! - come to think of it, i dont think my parents ever knew either!)

A few days late I made peach butter to concentrate the flavor and we made a second patch. Much better, this could become a habit! Peach - it's the taste of summer!!

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