Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Trip

We had a few things that needed to be done in Utah, so we made a quick trip up and plenty of fun along the way. We stopped overnight in Vegas and stayed on the Strip at Circus Circus. The hotel room was amazing when you only pay $30 and we lucked out in location, never needing to go through the casino and being right by the entertainment. But I think for all the craziness my children exhibit, we lead pretty quiet lives. They looked at the rides with mild curioasity but when asked if they would want to part on any of them they were rather reluctant. The games in the midway perked their interest but when winning became much harder they lost interest. The buffet at the Bellagio was a different story! Funny how kids are sometimes!

While Kent was busy at a conference, the kids and I were content to wander BYU campus. It truly is a beautiful campus and I reminisced of days gone by. Art and greenery all around to be enjoyed, (Eli loved the 'popcorn' tree) donut holes from the Cougareat, a random gift of flowers from a stranger (not so strange an event if you know the culture on campus), and the very best memory of all - all the pill bugs a little girl could want to pick up and love on!

Afterwards we went to visit with my Grandpa Wright. He now lives in a care facility and I miss his fairy tale garden oh so much. But we still enjoyed his company, he'd made a few rhymes and Isaac would smile in his quirky way and joke back with him. Keila was still obsessing about pill bugs but she liked Missy, Grandpas's cat. He and Grandma Wright were the closest grandparents i ever knew and declared us their chinese children! I missed cooking him a homemade authentic Chinese meal, but I got take out from a fairly decent place and we had a lovely lunch outside complete with coconut cream pie, grandpas's favorite. Aunt Connie even came our to join us! Isaac took this shot for us.

The following day had us up at Thanksgiving Point trying out the newest museum, the Museum of Curiosity. Unfortunately I had left the camera on overnight and without the charger, I only attempted pictures I thought might have a chance of turning out. We had lots of fun and Isaac even guided Keila through this maze of jungle canopy while I stayed below with Eli in the kiddie area. I was so proud of him for taking care of his sister and for the both of them in OT letting their fears get to them as they wandered along the rope bridges.

We filled up on the best ice cream from the BYU Creamery and stopped off at the Provo temple before picking Kent up from his conference.

We started our drive back that same afternoon. We broke up the monotony of the road with another stopover in Vegas to enjoy the fountains and gardens at Bellagio.

This is living art!

It was a crazy short trip but I'm glad we did it, especially to see Grandpa Wright.

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