Monday, June 2, 2014

Taller at Seven

I can't believe Issac is seven years old! He was so excited and we had to tease him and ask, what makes you so different from being six yesterday and his reply was that he felt taller!

Taller or not, he certainly is older and it shows in so many ways. Perhaps it's this year he's had at kindergarten and how he naturally leads in class both academically and socially. There were things occurring in the boys bathroom that were inappropriate that the teacher didn't know about. Perhaps because of age or his strong sense of right and wrong, he was quick to tell me and his teacher and the problem was nipped in the bud. Never once did he dither about how others thought of him and I prayer this will continue on as he gets older. This sense of self and seriosness was really obvious at the kindergarten graduation. They had a short video where each child was asked what they want to be when they grow up. There was plenty of firemen, policemen, teachers and doctors. Of course there were a few superheroes, ninjas and the odd ones like a kitty ... I knew Isaac's before they showed him saying it, " a person who studies rocks and gems!" I asked him about it later and why not something lie a ninja, his reply, " nah, that's just silly! This is real life, rocks are cool!"

I love the way he has of winning people over, no matter the differences before. It has so much to do with genuine personality and his goofy enthusiam that will have people laughing at all sorts of things. Even the coldest most distant person can't help but crack a smile around his life-filled ball of energy. He is that way with everyone, adults and children alike and because of it I think he will always find a friend no matter where he goes.

He's begun to truly recognize his role as an older brother, particularly to Eli. He is willing to help with all sorts of tasks when it comes to his brother and Eli reciprocates by seeking comfort from him often. We've begun moving them into a bunk beds and I've found the perfect quote for their room. His nickname was initially Bubba when he was an infant. I never liked it and it slowly evolved into Bud. So the quote, "there's no buddy better than a brother!" Was absolutely made for their room.

He and keila are thick as thieves. It seems the time away during the school year has made him appreciate Keila's willingness to follow him in all his schemes. He has shown greater kindness and more patience when things are a little rough with her moods. They have a new found love of Pokemon and can be found pretending all sorts of scenarios together.

Everyone is always saying how bright Isaac is and I think it has to do with his hunger for knowledge. He is literally a sponge and will ask question after question until he sucks you dry. The subject matter is unimportant. We talked about everything from geology, biology to sociology and in the end he wants know how it effects people - a question I think is one of the most important ones that can be asked. I'm proud of his global thinking and hope that it will help him transfere his knowledge into wisdom with the coming years.

Here are some shots of him over the last seven years. Forgive me for posting too many, it's just hard to pick and each of them remind me how much he is his own little person long before he came to me!

Happy birthday Bud!

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