Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday Fun for Seven Years

We favor family celebrations for birthdays and it usually gets drawn out over a few days. Isaac seems to feel that the year should indicate the number of days it's celebrated .... In which case adults should have a heck of a lot more fun and for much longer than they do! Either way, we did get to do a lot of things he wanted and had a blast together at them.

There was the customary dim sum brunch where all his favorites were ordered. He also enjoyed mango sticky rice from breakfast - twice! It's rice and fruit, pretty much the equivilent of the sugar box cereals but much better tasting! We also spent some time at Peter pipers pizza for some food and fun. Initially I was planning to head home with Eli early, but even the little man enjoyed a game or two.

In the evenings while e kids were sleeping I worked on Isaac's chosen fondant theme for this year - pokemon! I enjoyed myself and got better as I went. With the leftovers the kids had a fun fondant session creating their own pokemon and eating them afterwards.

Friends came over for cake and ice cream. I saw a brilliant picture of poke balls created from Rice Krispies and molded a few for decor, dipping it in chocolate for the finishing touch. Isaac love it all, especially the sugar and enjoyed one a day for a few days after. He was extremely excited for his friends from swim team to come, Max and his sister Alex and I'm glad we were able to arrange sometime to play together before everyone got here.

Of everything he received is favorite were the pokemon cards handed down by the Bakers. He spends hours reading each one and attempting to play the game with Keila. She's a good sport despite the rules constantly changing to fit his whim.

It was fun to celebrate with him, he is growing and changing so much. Already he talks of next year when he wil have the opportunity to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Life moves along impossibly fast sometime, I'm so grateful for the moments I can remember and love and the people who make them so worth remembering! Happy birthday my first little man!

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