Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thirty-nine Years Filled with Perfect Moments!

Recently Isaac asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I hadn't really considered it much so he proceeded to remind me of last years wish which was, "peace and quiet,". He then remarked, "who'd want a thing like that!" I had to laugh and seeing things from a child's point of view, I could see what he meant. Last year I was feeling worn out and the trip away from everything was really refreshing, but this year I decided on something different, time alone with each one of my favorite people!

We started off Saturday morning with my little bug love and I giong to the butterfly wonderland in Scottsdale. Isaac is a little freaked out by the idea of bugs flying all around him and the possibility of landing on him , so he definately would not enjoy this outing. The price was steep, which makes it less enjoyable for Kent, so having just a little girl and I was a perfect fit. She was so excited and kept saying, "girl time! No boys allowed!"

First stop was the 15min 3D movie on the monarch butterfly migration. It's amazing to think of an entire area covered with butterflies who have travelled across an entire continent and its even more fun to see it in 3D. Keila had me smiling as on and off she'd reach out to grab at a particularly close shot of a butterfly.

This is a shot of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Others below are pumping fluid into their wings to spread them and dry them out.

Next we saw the emergence gallery. Some of these chrysalis look like jewels!

We had a blast inside the conservatory! The place is huge and there were so many different kinds. I had two land n me and wished I could get a shot of it. They were attracted to Keila, but she wasn't still enough. She found her own happy diversion, pill bugs! What's more, she could touch those freely and talk with them. She says that butterflies are pretty, but pill bugs are cute and more fun!

In additions, they had a small area where you'd could observe ants, bees, scorpions, etc. the shot below isn't so clear, but the queen bee has a red dot on her thorax and is much longer. It was fascinating to observe her, surrounded by those attending bees, ever watchful of her every need. But then again if you're popping out babies the way she is, she deserves an entourage!

They had some nice fish tanks and an area where you cold touch stingrays. Keila was curious, but not curious enough to put her fingers in the water.

It was wonderful to chat with my girl and she was so happy to have this one on one time. She's turning into quite a little woman!
With Isaac I chose to go and watch the Lego movie with him. It was nice to just chat with him before it started and even nicer knowing he's reaching that age where you can have a real conversation. The theater was pretty empty of kids with the exception of two kids right behind us. Otherwise it was mostly adults, which I found to be a little strangr, and just thought they must be big fans of Legos. The company made me more aware of how fun it is to be with a child as uninhibited as Isaac. Fun things would happen and not a sound would be heard in the theater except my chuckles and my sons giant bursts of laughter filled by, "That was TOTALLY awesome!" Which would only make me laugh harder. You would have thought the audience was all dead or sleeping and with their reaction! Afterward he accompanied me to Coldstone to pick out my ice cream cake.
He's such a ham! Can you see the drool!

Bubby is the easiest to spend fun time together, simply turn on his personal playlist and dance up a storm filled with giggles. All day long I was fed my personal gourmet Hubby chef, everything from a homemade French onion soup,
burger made to order and the same lime chile marinated grilled chicken and veggies I had fixed him for Father's Day. It could not have been a more perfect day to celebrate 39 wonderful years of life!

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