Saturday, June 7, 2014

20 Weeks

I'm halfway!!! How quickly time flys and it's even faster now that I can finally eat again and not sleep like the dead! I had been so blue the months before and I hadn't realized how much those two things had affected me until these last few weeks. It's been exciting to have the energy to paint the boys room and start planning the girls room. Swim team and Isaac's birthday has been a fun and busy diversion and of couse the ultrasound this last weekend was a major highlight.

We went as a whole family and while the images were hard to distinguish at first, the kiddos soon caught on. Especially when we got a good shot of her little legs and feet. "Cutie toes!" Was the exclamation and as if in response, baby girl kicked her feet away and the tech had to go chasing them around my belly to get another shot and measument of the bones. In fact any time the ultrasound tech would go in to do some measurements, I could feel her shift and curl inward as if to say, "don't touch me! It's squishy enough in here without you poking around!"
Keila was fascinated by the process and held my hand through the whole procedure. She wanted to know if it hurt me or her sister, and if baby would respond to touch would she respond to her voice. She was disappointed to hear that it would take some time yet, but I assured her she could have many long chats with her later. Even now there are moments she will just stop and gently rest her hand on my belly or lean in tenderly. Clearly this baby girl is someone she has longed for and missed for a long time. Here's a side profile of the little gal.
Can't wait to see the little gal!

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