Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Father's Day and 41 Years

June is insanity for me and more so this year between my dental surgery and prepping for Bubby's hearing test. I just can't get things done properly so it's all rather piecemeal and late. Thankfully nobody seems to really mind (either that or they don't bother me because they see I'm on the verge of losing my mind)

For Father's Day, Kent and I took the longest waking break from our kiddos in years and went out for lunch and to see Newsies at the Gammage Theater. It was so nice to calmly eat our meal, fresh and hot, to talk without interruptions or just be silent. Sometimes it's the small things I think we miss most. It took two weeks but I finally got to making Kent's favorite Chinese foods, savory green onion pancakes, potstickers and Chinese broccoli. It was neat to have Keila helping me. I had to work hard on my OCD neurosis to not try and fix every lopsided, malformed potsticker she attempted. It was the effort that matter and one day, with time and practice this will be easy for her.
We are so grateful for our Baba who does so much for our family!
Crazy girl helping with all the food prep!

The trip to see Newsies was really all I counted for for my birthday but Kent surprised me with a cake that evening. I also had a chance earlier that day to visit with an old friend I hadn't seen in well over a year. The evening was topped off with some quiet me time swimming laps - 800 m - not bad for a woman in her 41st year!
This little guy totally gets birthdays now and was vigorously signing 'cake' when we began the singing!
Life is good, my blessings are many. May the next year be just as sweet if not sweeter!

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