Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nine Comes Fast!

Can it be?!? Nine years ago today this little guy came into our lives and began an adventure that will make a lasting impact on myself.

Being the firstborn (or the guinea pig) to some idealistic young parents is a rough role to jump into, but I'm so glad it's with Isaac. His tender heart makes him so understanding and nothing beats his enthusiasm for life which feeds our own.
He has a growing maturity, an understanding that discipline has its rewards (especially when it comes saving money for his Pokémon cards!) and that greater rewards are those who grow in skills with persistence and regularity. He loves to help me out and truly wants to please us with all his heart. Sometimes he surprises me how he is aware of opportunities to serve in little ways like doing up his youngest sibling's seatbelts, helping with shoes or happily helping with laundry. It's a great blessing, especially now with homeschooling and speaks to his kind soul.
A shot of him with our Grandma Young before she passed. She made a special gift of a mineral to him because of his love of rocks and gems!

He's a sponge for learning and life! It's been so fun to teach him and watch him soak up the knowledge and ask questions why. The world and all it's history is too vast for him to grasp right now, but he wants to see it and understand it. He spends much of his imagination applying what he learns which truly warms my soul since knowledge applied can become wisdom.
Love how he's helping Bubby through the mirror maze.

Friends and family hold his heart! He unabashedly cries whenever farewells are said to family or close friends. They embody joy to him and frequently says that life is so much better and fun when shared with others. The introvert in me can hardly keep up with the extrovert in him, but he's right that it's in those intimate connections that we find meaning and happiness.
While his boundless energy has often gotten him into trouble, he always means well by it. With greater maturity and self control he'll be more amazing than he already is. I love you so much, my Bud! Happy Birthday to you my dear son and many happy wishes for the years to come!

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