Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nine Days of Celebrating?!?

June is our crazy month. Between swim team meets and practices, two birthdays, father's day, Cub Scout daycamp and just our regular stuff (which this year includes several doctor appointments to prep for Bubby's qualifications for anesthesia for a particular hearing test) I tend to feel a little frazzled. I did make sure to plan for Isaac's birthday and it was done in spurts through the month but he enjoyed it all the same.
There was the dinner out and a birthday present so carefully selected with Bug-love's help that she was bursting at the seams to tell him and ruin the surprise. Had I known anything about Pokémon 'rare' cards I would have done the task on my own to save the poor girl from biting her tongue ever few minutes! Six days later Kent took time off to take the oldest two on a 3 day campout with friends we don't see often that live in Queen Creek and Snowflake.
Finally we planned and put together a minecraft cake, his dream cake. I saw this amazing video online and we had to give it a try. I like the process of doing something creative and tend to keep the decorating part for my joy, but I knew that Isaac would really treasure building his decor for the cake. I put in the layers and placed the 'sidewalk concrete' in place, envisioning a mine craft jello lakeside scene. I made a small house with bushes on the corner. He and his friend had other ideas such as two wells and a 'muscle man' swimming in the jello pool! All the cubes are chocolate I made from a silicone mold.
I haven't a clue what half the stuff is on that cake but he had a blast making it. It's crazy to think he's been with us nearly a decade and nearing 'tween' age. How quickly times flies! I love you Bud with all my heart! Best wishes for this next year and a lifetime through!

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