Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend together as a family. It's been the first time in a long time that Kent was home for both days, and we were relaxed (post-match results!) and had time to spend together. Early Saturday we went to the zoo. Isaac must have known about the planned trip because he didn't 'argue' about toothbrushing (yes, we're back at that same debate again!) and ate quickly. After all our trips to the pet stores I was curious to see his reponse. At the pet stores he typically shrieks with delight and 'waves' at the animal, especially if they 'talk' to him. The first thing we saw at the zoo were flamingos, jabbering away at each other. Isaac was stunned into silence. Clearly these were not the cutie little cockatiels he'd seen before. With each new animal was a sense of reverence .... "Hey, these guys are big!" He'd smile, but was wary. Overall I think he enjoyed himself. Here he is with Kent and the polar bears.

Sunday morning, we put together the traditional Montierth Easter egg hunt. The nearest thing to candy for him are fruit gummys that he rapidly uses his hands to sign 'more!' Just so that he wouldn't be the only one hunting for eggs, Papa had his own Cadbury eggs from the easter bunny.

While going through the pictures I realized there were a few I missed blogging. There's something about having a child that brings you back to your childhood and all the wonder that the world brings. One of these things are mylar balloons. Everytime we go to the grocery store, Isaac and I stop to play with the balloons a little. When I let go, it's funny to watch him as his eyes follow it uuuuuupppppp to the top and gaze longingly at it. They're just so expensive and so we never bothered buying one until St. Patrick's day. The 'clover' balloon was marked for 88 cents and we thought .. "hey, we can afford that!" Isaac's a quick learner, he pulled the string down until his hands were closer to the balloon and proceeded to spasticly shake the thing in Kent's face. The poor man had to endure it until we finished our shopping.

Speaking of balloons, we finally went to the balloon museum here. We were never ambitious enough to go to the hot air balloon festival here ... (getting up at 2-3 am with a 2 month old to see balloons when I was sleep deprived sounded more like torture) It was quite interesting and we even bought a beautiful air balloon ornament for our Christmas tree. It'll be our one souvenier of our stay here in NM.

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  1. sounds like a great Ester Weekend that you had. We had a good oen too. In fact, I cooked Easter family dinner this time. I think it went ok. hahaha.