Saturday, March 29, 2008


No, that title is not the latest kungfu movie, but the first word we've been able to distinguish from Isaac. He's a fairly talkative kid, but not much has been consistant, much to are chagrin. We've tried coaching him on Mama, Papa, etc. but no real response. The other day Kent noticed after saying prayer that Isaac loudly pronounced A-ya for each meal. We tried it on our evening prayer and it's fairly consistant as long as he's paying attention to the fact that we're praying. Could this be the first word? Well, even though he's not saying Mama and Papa yet, we're reassured by the fact he does have his priorities straight!

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  1. Actually that is wonderful. I started to say a prayer with Little H before the meal. He doesn't know what is going on yet. But I hold his hand and he can stay still now. That is improvment. I am thinking to start night prayer from 1 April. I hope he can learn "A-ya" hahah