Friday, April 4, 2008

Helping with Laundry

Isaac is now officially 10 months and his growth and development continually amaze me. In reality, we forget how difficult it was to learn to sit up on our own, crawl, stand, etc. We've become so accustom to doing these things we no longer see it as being wonderful .... until we have a child and watch it happen all over again. Today Isaac pushed himself up to a sitting position with the help of the laundry basket. He eventually flipped it over onto his head and spent the next half hour happily playing with it.

He's also learned to play hide and seek. The other day I was tired from ... (no explaination is really needed, is there? Motherhood seems to mean being tired alot!) and didn't want to grab him yet again from crawling into the kitchen. So I began calling him, "Where's Mama? Isaac, can you find Mama?" Sure enough he followed the sound of my voice and popped his head around the corner. He was delighted with himself and since then it's become our little game.


  1. supper cute. Little H is still working on his crawing thing... He sometimes pull his badd up from floor, but not lately. He finaly discoverd that rolling over gives him little mobility... He has been roll over since last Nov. Hunnnn. Up till now, he did not want to roll over on the floor. He only rolled on bed or futon. Yeap, he is a picky young man. haha

  2. I don't think laundry baskets ever get boring. Anthony still thinks ours is a car :)