Monday, April 14, 2008

A Shortage in Common Sense

Okay, I joke a lot about NM being ghetto, but there are honestly moments where I feel like it's true. Today is a perfect example. I needed to go to the library to grab the few books I had put on hold. Isaac and I had just had lunch and prior to that I was working out lifting weights. I thought I'd forgo the make-up deal and grabbed Isaac to make a quick dash out. While walking to the car, a guy in his late 20s or so whistled and then asked if I wanted 'some of this!' gesturing in what I suppose was to be some sort of sexy move. I decided to ignore it, but on the way there, I'm thinking to myself, "someone is pretty desperate if they come onto a woman in a parking lot carrying a child!" It turns out this guy works for the landscaping company that takes care of the apartment. Needless to say, I reported him. Apparently this isn't the first time this has happened with some of the crew. Kent thinks I should have sauntered up to him asked his name and number and then wished him luck in finding a new job.

Then, as if I haven't heard enough of what surrounds us, Kent tells me of his ER stop today. Apparently a fellow came in during the day with his hand nearly amputated by a machete. a) Who owns a machete, b) what are they using it for, c)don't people have better things to do during the day, d) ... do I really need to continue this list? It was severed to the point that when they briefly took of the bandages to get a glimpse, blood shot up about 3-4 inches high. His hand was literally 'hanging' and he could only move his thumb. I hate to think what this guy does at night, on the weekends, or who his friends are!

Now I know that Texas is not going to be much better. After all, Houston is one of the largest cities in the US. But I take consolation in the fact that we'll be living in the Medical Center area ... typically for those residents and interns. I have high hopes that these people will have more common sense than what I've encountered here so far.


  1. Sadly, incidents like yours and Kents occur every day in ABQ. I am sure mroe people own machetes then you think! We own one :)

  2. So is that for cutting veggies or something?! ;0)

  3. Crazy people. I think you can find them everywhere, though. Just spend a few minutes in front of our Wal-Mart store and you'll see a whole bunch. You wonder how some people make it through life. :)