Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bathtime Hazards

Lately Isaac's been a little constipated which always makes me a little nervous at bathtime. For whatever reason, the warm water, play time with mom and dad ... inevitably he has to have a bowel movement in the bath. He hasn't had a large 'poopy' in about 2 days so last night at bathtime I was on my guard for any 'stiffening' of the legs or the slightest grimace. Of course it comes the moment Kent has left the room. Our usual routine is that I lift Isaac out of the water and Kent has to 'catch' whatever comes. So I yell for Kent and lift Isaac out. Kent rushes over and we wait ... nothing comes, a false alarm ... but lo and behold, the moment I think he's safe, a warm yellow streams comes, straight at my face. I manage to dodge it ... just barely! Ahhhhh ... the joys of having a boy!


  1. HAhaha! Too funny! I can honestly say that Anthony has never peed on me. BUT he always manages to pee on himself or the wall. Doesn't that make you excited for potty training :)

  2. Flo,

    We have all the time in the world to keep changing the templates for our blog. Its quite easy, just 'Google it'


  3. Hey, try the massage on his stomach. I am not sure how to explain only the word... But there is certan way that you massage baby's tummy and it helps bowls movement and helps constipation. You can may be google??? I tell you this is from Japan and East medicen rocks. hahaha.

  4. Oh my! It's stories like this that make me really want to have kids... :)