Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Work of a Child

Since having Isaac I've often reflected on how difficult childhood can be. As adult it seems as if their lives are only filled with play and no responsibility, but I've begun to think otherwise. The world, with all it's wonders, is a scary place for them. Loud noisy food processers or vaccums, big animals, strange looking people ... it's all rather overwhelming. They also feel a sense of responsibiility, Isaac displays concern or is unsettled whenever Kent and I are feeling stressed. Prior to the match, he didn't sleep well and woke up at least once (albeit briefly) every night. After the match, he's slept like an angel!

And then there is just sssooooooooooo much to learn!!! We've been using sign language as we talk to Isaac and he's become proficient at tell us that he wants something, but not specific yet. Two days ago I watched him as he was 'playing' with his fingers. He was frustrated and kept looking at me. I finally realized that he was signing the letter 'O' which is what we use to indicate his Cheerios. Managing the 'want' sign andthe 'O' was difficult to coordinate, but when I looked closely it was there! Children are such keen observers, I hadn't realized he understood it all along and now wanted to communicate it on his own.

Speaking of being observant, I was flossing my teeth the other day and Isaac sat next to me. He loves playing with the dental floss boxes! He has a collection and whenever we need to floss, we check his toy bag. I guess he'd been watching me closely and pulled out a good amount of floss and was stuffing it back where his molars will be. On and off he'd look up at me and smile as if to say, "I'm just like Mama!"


  1. flo, i'm so glad you found us. i had no idea where you were! i am definitely putting you on our blog roll (if you don't mind) and subsequently stalking your family from this day forward. your son is adorable!