Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet Surprise

Kent gave me an early Mother's Day surprise ... orchids! I love them! Before we married I use to buy some every month from Costco and place 1-3 strands throughout my apartment. They were my small indulgence and I kept the water changed and the stems cut every other day. They lasted nearly the entire month. Now such luxuries are few, but my dear hubbie thought to surpise me. I love my man!

I got a pair of shorts that were actually long enough!!! Anyhow, Isaac was amused by the tie strings on the ends and kept playing with it. At this stage of his life, everything is "doubly good" if it's in his mouth. I tried to discourage it by screwing up my face and saying, "Eeeewwww". That only illicts a giggle. Unfortuantely now he does exactly what I don't want because it makes Mama make a funny face!

We took a page out of Pat and Meagan's book on laundry and cars, thanks for the fun idea. It's the closest thing Isaac will get to having his own vehicle for a long time.

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