Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Leaving on a Jetplane ...

So I'm just a little excited for going to Houston ... non-stop thoughts of, "What's the weather like in Houston? ... ohhhh I can have decent dim sum again! .... they have Todai there! (sushi place) ... Hey, I won't have to cook dinner for days!!" Etc, etc, etc. Anyhow, I started packing today since we leave Thursday and Isaac was very helpful:

"Okay, now if I can just get this thing open..."

"Great, now I need to strap myself in ...."

"Okey, dokey ... I'm ready when you are!"

If only it could be that simple! I'm a little worried about how we'll manage on the flight with such an active boy ... any suggestions aside from turning me into a living set of 'monkey bars' ... oh, wait, that's what I am already!


  1. Flo!!

    You got a new template!! So proud of you and it looks great!!Keep up the great work!! see you soon and enjoy Houston-its hot and humid!

  2. Hi, Flo--
    Just a quick note (hope it helps...), when we're desparate to keep our little guy content and quiet (usually at church), we pack lots of snacks (esp. ones, like Kix or Raisins that he eats one at a time and aren't too messy) and playthings that aren't really toys (like kitchen spoons, whisk, beaded necklace, etc.) that are just so fascinating to an almost-1-year-old. Those seem to hold his attention better than any light-up, brightly colored toy. Best of luck on the flight (and new home!!)! It is an adventure. ;)

  3. Good luck, Kent and Flo. I'm excited for your move. It sounds like it will be a much better place for your family.

    Let me know how the plane ride goes. I'm taking Taryn with me to Philidelphia at the end of May. I'm wondering how it's going to go. I hope I can learn some tips from you.