Monday, April 21, 2008


So, being the brilliant individual that I am, I managed to fritz our keyboard the other night. I am and will always be clumsy. When Kent and I were dating, Kent always held my hand, not only out of a romantic gesture mind you, he also was saving me from bruises and falls that might otherwise be construded as his fault. Poles, sidewalks that end suddenly, all seem to elude my vision without his aide. In stores where there are fragile items, Kent hovers closely ... I guess my depth perception is lacking when I'm in such an area! Thanks to him, I've been saved from breaking many an item unintentionally. Well, my second set of eyes was missing the other night when I was blogging. I generally don't drink anything near the computer (see reason listed above) but can offer no excuse aside from temporary shortage of common sense (ironic, considering the last entry!) Needless to say, the cup of water was closer than I thought and before I knew it I had a nice puddle forming in my lap. After that pressing the 'T' button lightly would release a series of 'tbtb', etc. We replaced the keyboard tonight and the feeling was something akin to Christmas day for Kent since we rarely get anything 'new and shiny'!

Isaac also crawled officially tonight. Prior he'd been doing a commando crawl and no matter what we did, he just didn't seem to get the fact that if he'd use his hand and his knees he expend less energy. He was pleasantly surprised at the speed he could achieve when things finally 'clicked' for him. People had been warning me that he'd probably go from the commando crawl to walking ... I'm glad he didn't, this will give me the chance to warm up to all the running I'll be doing in the years to come! ;0)

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  1. haha.......should of let us know and get you a spare keyboard when you come. so you can save some $$ on the keyboard. or just in case anything happen to your keyboard again =)