Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We are back!!! What a trip it was! Kent was a little stressed, given the reaction I had to moving to Albuquerque, we both were worried about how I'd respond to Houston ... but's it's a winner!!! There's something about going to a place where I can have good dim sum and hear Cantonese spoken around me. The humidity felt great for my skin and it was just so incredibly green! I haven't seen that much green since I served my mission in Vancouver. The cost of living is cheaper in every way from Albuquerque and our apartment is posh!! You can do all the upgrades (wood floors, stainless steel appliances, etc) but just the basic is beautiful. They even have a community 'theater room' that has stadium seating! There are multiple swimming pools (including a kiddie pool) in the community and it's a few minutes walk to the lightrail for Kent to get dropped off in front of his hospital. We'll be just a few miles from the museum district ... an amazing area with 10 or so different museums. The children's museum was a big hit with us and Isaac. It was a wonderland of toys and objects made safe for children to explore. They even had a make-believe studio for kids to pretend to be on TV, grocery stores with little fake foods and cash registers, a cow to milk, etc. Something for every age.

This area was a special play area for children under 2 years.

Isaac kept staring up at the ribbons that they'd tied to the fan. He'd nearly fall over each time he gaped up at the ceiling.

The zoo is very close by and Isaac had a blast in the children's area, playing in teh eagle nest and touching the 'frogs, crabs, dolphins and mice'.

Here we're gazing at the goats. Mama's a little cautious of them since I had a scarring experience with them when I was a child. (goat attack me and my bag of popcorn, eating all of it - the bag included. I swear they stampeed me!) So we're observing for the moment before we go in for a face to face experience.

Herman park which host concert events every weekend for the spring and summer month - free of charge! (what more can an asian ask for?) We went for two nights and even danced together to latin music with Isaac laughing and hanging on. Oh, and Chinatown .... I had to stop myself from buying everything I've been missing for the last year!


  1. I'm so happy for you guys. It sounds great.

  2. sounds like a good place to visit also......but Da told me it's far also. I guess we can't really visit then.....=(