Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finale and Farewells

Now that I've had a chance to recover from the trip ... here are the remaining pictures. Saturday was a busy day, we went to a park and rode on the carousel and a train. Everything was fun until things started moving. My son is not what you call a cuddly child, but he clung to me for the remainder of the day!

Afterwards we went to the butterfly gardens, an amazing exhibt of live butterflies all around you. If you were careful enough to walk and move slowly, they'd land on you and tickle you with their proboscis searching for the nectar. I guess I must have been sweet!

Exhausted from all the stimulus, Isaac slept through dim sum ... which is rather amazing considering the appetite he displayed on this trip. We then took a short trip around DC to see the major sights.

The White House ...

The fairly recent World War 2 Memorial

And of course the Washington Monument.

We had an amazing time and Isaac loved having playmates. Abbey was the consummate host, as evidenced by my weight gain of 5 lbs and Da was our own private photographer. (Incredible pictures ... I even like how I look in them!) Thanks you guys ... we must do this again, but next time with Kent.

Someone's tired and wants to go home!


  1. WOW!! Looks like a beautiful trip! I've been thinking about you the last few days, Flo! I hope you're feeling okay! Hugs!!

  2. surely need to visit again! staying in MD is even better!! =)