Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Many 'Firsts'

So while we were on the trip, Isaac had many 'firsts'. Since I didn't have the option of bringing the homemade baby food, he pretty much ate off our plates. You should have seen the look of ecstasy as he tasted his first bit of dim sum .... "I've been missing this all my life!!!???" For those who don't know, dim sum is a Cantonese style of brunch/teatime. Great food that is mostly steamed in bamboo steamers. Kent is definately converted, when I asked what he wanted to eat on the trip, it was a resounding, "Dim Sum" so we ate it twice! He's what I like to call a true 'egg' - white on the outside, but yellow at heart. Here's what dim sum can look like.

I've been trying to keep sweets at a minimum for Isaac in the hopes he'll take to more natural sugars in fruits, etc. Unfortunately we went to a resturant that had newly opened in Houston. The owner was eager to please his customers and brought Isaac a 'Dum Dum'. I protested giving it to him, but the man unwrapped the sucker and plugged my son in. Isaac literally squealed with delight. If you can envision a dog holding tight to his chew toy no matter how you tug at it, that was Isaac. He didn't quite get the idea of sucking up the 'juice' and so pink dribble soon ran out of his mouth everywhere. He kept trying to bit the thing and got more frustrated as he went till he was nearly in hysterics. Kent took him to the bathroom to clean up and I quickly hid the offending object. I wish we'd been able to get a picture beforehand. So much for his first sucker.

Oh, a note about the previous post - Kent likes to edit my posts since I tend to type quickly and have a lot of errors. He said I sounded more 'chinese' in the last one, (forgetting my 's', etc) and wonders if it's the effect of speaking Cantonese again!

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  1. don't worry, I will make sure you have alot of practice on your Cantonese when you come! boys will say Cantonese to you!! I hope at least....hahaha