Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maryland, Mouth, Mesa and Moving - In that Order

So, we have a crazy schedule coming up, Kent leaves for a conference to CA on Tues, so he bought me a ticket to Maryland to visit with an old roommate. (Yippeee!) We leave Monday, we get back Saturday. Then May 29 I have a soft tissue graft surgery for my mouth ... if you want the gritty nasty details I'll be sure to enlighten all who are daring enough to hear. (or who just want to know that someone else can whine worse than they) This is a rather drawn out thing, with follow up appointments on June 5, 12 and 26 and lots of cold liquid food. Chinese food doesn't go well up through a straw ... any HEALTHY AND TASTY suggestions would be nice otherwise I'm left with ice cream, yogurt and shakes. (anyone hearing the pounds just adding up) Isaac's birthday is the 2nd of June, and mine is the 22nd of June ... by which I hope to be eating normal foods again. (.... pleeeeease let me be eating, not drinking!) We leave for Mesa and Phoenix June 28 until July 6. We then rent the truck to move July 8 and hopefully arrive in Houston July 13. Kent starts his residency July 21. Maryland, my mouth, Mesa and moving ... we need a MIRACLE! ;0)

PS. Weird random thought: if we read to know we're not alone, then do we write to know we exist? ... is there a point to this post? Hmmmmmmmmm

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