Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alive and Well in Maryland

Isaac and I made it safely and 'sanely' to Maryland. For whatever reason, the little tyke wouldn't sleep the night before so I was more than a little worried about the 4 hr flight but it wasn't too bad. At one point he dropped his binkie and it rolled up the aisle and I could just envision us asking the pilot to make an announcment "looking for a green binkie - for the child's sake and ours". Isaac loves his two older 'brothers' - Brennan and Clayton, and never fails to mimic them. That resulted in a rather wet jacket from their 'spitting'/singing contest on the way to the Washington DC temple.

Note the rather 'stoned' expression on Isaac's face due to sleep deprivation.

We got some good sleep that night and on Tuesday afternoon we went to a "Mommy and Me" event to meet Elmo and read some books at the library.

Isaac isn't too sure about this big red guy.

Cool Dude on a bike!

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