Friday, May 23, 2008

Chinese Picnic

Chinese don't do sandwiches ... it's not considered a proper lunch, so .... the alternative is to go to Costco and get a whole cooked chicken with bread and veggies too. Mind you, we didn't have any utensils so that we're back to the 'medieval' way of eating. I suppose it wasn't very 'proper' in a British sense ... but it sure was good.

We played at a huge park again, everything from see-saws to swings. Isaac had a blast, but he was so worn out near the end. He even met a 'girlfriend' (Catherine) who kept asking if the cute baby wanted to play with her.

Last night the boys accompanied us to Enrichment since Da had a business dinner. Prior to it we stopped by the lake to feed the geese. Nasty little birds! They chase you down for food when they think you haven't fed them enough - something just out of Alfred Hitchcock movie. The two older ones helped to make dumplings and wontons. Isaac kept complaining that Mama didn't feed him fast enough ... my only reply was to say if he didn't make it, he couldn't complain about ;0)

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