Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trial by Liquids

As an introduction to the chinese culture, former mission companions often heard me say that eating is a celebration of life and life needs to be celebrated at least 3 times a day. That has been one of my axioms for a long time, and Kent can attest to the variety I try to have in every meal. Since having my soft tissue graft surgery, I'm unable to 'celebrate' as I once did. Apparently I've been grinding my teeth so badly at night that the gums have receeded on 5 of my teeth, leaving much of the root exposed. The periodontist took tissue from my hard palate and then stitched it in place of where the gum line should be. Needless to say, the roof of my mouth hurts as well as my gums. Hence the cold liquid diet ... which leaves one never feeling satiated. Unfortunately most of the cold 'liquids' are sweet and while I love eating sweets, having 24-7 is extremely unappealing. Ice cream, my greatest weakness, doesn't come near to giving me the satifaction it once did. Instead, I morosely take it while gazing hungarily at my son's Cheerios! Who'd have thought Cheerios could be that appealing! I've resorted to cooking French onion soup, creamed spinach and asparagus soup and simply having it cold. At least it isn't sweet!

The saddest part is that on June 2 is Isaac's birthday. We chose to bake a carrot cake recipe (with crushed pineapple and cream cheese icing) to celebrate. I cannot even indulge in a single bite! La sigh ... this too shall pass - in 3 weeks!


  1. Happy Birthday Issac! and good luck Flo with the cold food liquid diet......I think I will die if I were you. =) I like only hot salt food.. =p. please kiss the little cheeks for us. =)

  2. dear flo, this ordeal sounds absolutely horrid! i am enjoying your blog so much, btw, and am glad we found you. your family is having lots of travels and adventures lately, and life with a little one is never dull, right? thanks for entertaining me :)