Friday, May 9, 2008

The Alpha Rabbit

There are some things I think that are inherent in human nature - call it greed, survival of the fittest, whatever ... my son clearly displayed this the other day. When we bring Sunshine (the rabbit) in to play, Isaac typically smiles and crawls after her. I've even seen them play a game of tag where she hops just out of reach. At times he's not too gentle with her, but Sunshine tolerates it well and when she's had enough she runs and hides. We often eat afternoon snacks where inevitably, the rabbit sniffs out the sweets and comes begging so we throw her a animal cracker or two.

Lately Isaac's been a little perturbed each time I've given her a cracker but yesterday he responded with a clear gesture. I'd given him his share of the snack and turned to hand one to the rabbit. Isaac grabbed at my hand to try and take the cracker. When he didn't succeed, he lunged at the rabbit, grabbed her ears and pulled her head away from the cracker. With his other hand, he took the half-eaten cracker and promptly stuffed it into his mouth. Maybe he's defining his territory or dominance. As long as he doesn't do it with pee, I guess I'm okay!

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  1. wow........that sounds alittle violent....haha....Happy Mother's day my dear! we were in NY last couple days.=) see you in a week.