Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey Baby Lets Go to Houston!

Yeap ... we matched!!!! Kent was bouncing off the walls this morning as he woke me up. Bleary eyed, I tried to register the fact that we matched and with our top pick at that! Of course being the control freak that I am, immediately the thoughts of apartment searching, cost of moving, etc. ran rampant through my head. But they were happy thoughts. It's just nice to know where we'll be for the next year. Thanks to all of you who've kept us sane and in your prayers.


  1. So you guys matched!!! Big congraturation. Huston is a far away move aging. But I hope that you guys's move will go smoothly...

  2. I am so glad you guys got your pick! Houston sounds like a great place. We won't be able to visit as often, but at least we can keep eachother updated through blogging :) Good Luck! Let us know when you are moving.