Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tis' the Night Before the Match ....

Tis' the night before the match, when all through the room, not a creature was sleeping ... just awaiting our doom!!! J/K Though I must admit it has a little of the feeling we have right now. For the last few days I've taken to posting up scriptures to remind us to stay focused on the Lord and trust in his will.

For those who know me well, Albuquerque has been very difficult. It was and still has been wonderful in terms of Kent's education and opportunities, but there were too many different adjustments for me all at once and only recently has the shock of it worn off so that I can say I'm feeling more 'content'. I missed Arizona terribly and especially all the friends I had there, they were such a support system for me. Being here made me realize what blessings they were and still are to me. Being a mother for the first time and moving quickly into a new area was exhausting in many ways. I've adjusted to Albuquerque and resigned myself to it's less appealing aspects. I'm also glad to say I feel much more at home in my role as a mother and really do enjoy it. Isaac has become my sole 'student' and I've loved teaching him and showing him the beautiful gift of this world God has given us. He has become a 'marker' of how quickly time passes and I'm learning more to enjoy the small things in the moments present to my senses.

As for this new adventure, I hope and pray it'll be an easier one ... I just think I'd like a small break from the rollercoaster this last year has been. In many ways I'm sure it will be. At least I won't be a first time mom again! ;0) More importantly, Kent and I have learned better how to put ourselves and our family first amid the many demands of a residency. This will make it easier for the next year.

So here's hoping, wishing and praying (fervently!) ... until tommorrow!

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