Saturday, October 11, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Us

We had an opportunity tonight to attend a FREE (my favorite four letter word!) Chinese dance concert at the Miller Outdoor Theater. It was 'Splendid' (as it's title indicated) and we were a captive audience, including my 16 month old son. He hardly made a sound during our 45 mins there except to 'huh' at a few spectacular moves or when he finally figured out where the lights kept changing colors. It was a fusion of modern and traditional chinese dance. The costumes were beautiful and the grace of the dancers epitomized the haunting chinese music. And did I say yet it was free?!! ;0) I'm just SO Chinese sometimes!

Earlier that day Isaac was invited to his very first birthday party. We'd read a little about one and it was a good opportunity to put it into practice. We started off by making birthday cards - artistry done by Isaac Montierth and then we bagged up some of his favorite treats to give to his 3 friends (Tim, Lydia and Audrey) from storytime. Their parents actually belong to the Herman Park ward, odd how we seem to know more moms in a different congregation. The party was held at Chuck E Cheese and was a 'first time' experience for both Mama and Isaac. A little overwhelming, but fun all the same.

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