Monday, October 13, 2008

The Destroyer No More

We were getting ready to head out to go shopping today when I had to hop online to get some quick information. I had left the hall closet open where we keep our shoes and extra supplies and thought little of it until I noticed the 'heavy silence'. Silence is always notable when you have a child, it either indicates that a problem might be about to rear it's head, or that he/she is EXTREMELY occupied. I peeked around the corner to find my son right by the open closet door. With that serious,focused 'adult'-like expression, he was carefully stacking our toilet paper rolls.

I was thrilled. Prior to this all he ever wanted to do was to destroy every tower any child or adult builds, but here now, he wanted to make something of his own. I quietly took pictures and changed our plans for the morning. After all, how often do you find a homemade toy that has the power to captivate a child so well! I watched him for a while, rejoicing in his growing abilities and even managed to chop all the veggies I needed for dinner while he played. These are the simple joys of motherhood.


  1. Those TP rolls look so big next to your little man! What a fabulous treat for you -- the initiative to build up, like you said, but also the suspicious quiet being met by maybe the safest game invent-able! Cute photo, Flo!

  2. Sure, go ahead. I did your email, and I've been thinking about you, too! Haven't had the baby, or any "movement" that indicates time is short. 38 weeks and feeling well. Thanks for checking on me... I'm just starting a Matthew study with some gals on Tuesday evenings, and was wondering if you'd like to check it out. If you're interested, it's 6:30, and I know you're a mommy first. My apartment is looking much better, thank goodness! Construction's done, and reorganizing is coming along. Maybe we'll see you at coffee tomorrow? (Or anytime!)

  3. So great! I love it when my kids methodically play instead of senselessly and manically spreading everything everywhere. ;)
    Glad y'all are back and settled.

  4. I love that kid. He is so cute and smart. You are a great mom - very attentive and perceptive. I can definitely learn a few things from you.