Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuck-Ah Tuck-Ah Who?

With all the construction work that's been done around our complex, the hammer and nail has become a common sight. Isaac is continually fascinated with these men who wear the tool belts of 'power' and make such noise to make the eardrum throb forever after they've left. So memorable are they, that he created his own word for them: Tuck-Ah, Tuck-Ah. When we walk outside, he points and asks questioningly, "Tuck-ah,tuck-ah?" As if in answer, we hear hammer and nail,"Tuck-Ah, Tuck-Ah!!!"

Encouraged by this enthusiasm I went out for a new toy. If I'm a fan of any toy brand, it's the 'Melissa and Doug' brand. They make classic wooden toys of great durability and creativity. The Take-Along Toolkit was a huge winner and for the last 2 days, he plays with it in the morning and evening. Finally a toy we've bought that he loves.

In his left hand he holds the famous 'Tuck-ah, tuck-ah'. We're trying to get him to say hammer but with very little success. I think this name is going to stick!

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