Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Papa time!

Kent took Monday off and gave me a reprieve from Isaac ... it was lovely! I exercises, I wrote, I sewed. Funny how much you can get done without a little one. I always thought I was efficient before having him ... yeah right! Here's some of the pictures of their outing together.

He's a very determined climber and seems to 'focus' better with his tongue sticking out!

A smile to melt your heart!


  1. Gotta love some solid alone time. :) What a little cutie Isaac is!

  2. He's adoreable and I love your template.

  3. Pretty new background! I love husbands who know moms need occasional "woman time." I can't take it for granted when Jared watches Noah to let me just do whatever. Strangely, even shopping at Target seems liberating when I can go solo!

  4. FLO!!! We miss you, I'm so glad you found our blog! Your little guy is completely adorable and gettin so big!! Maddi and Mikki are still ticklin the ivories, Mikki really likes Melinda and Maddi goes to Joann Smelzer...got her name from Martins where Stephanie has been goin. Come home soon!!!

    How's the bunny? hehe