Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun, Fun!

So the update continues ... we have this great story time we attend about 20 mins drive from us. There are closer ones, but this one is hard to beat. It's right by Chinatown (hence a good excuse for shopping for all my favorite foods), we get to see Eden and Zia (Isaac's favorite friends from Albuquerque), and it's run by the best lady who does so much for the kids. For Halloween she baked them cookies and we had icing and candy to decorate. Isaac's exposure to refined sugar has been rather limited, so it was not too surprising when he kept looking at me to reassure himself that Mama was really going to let him eat that cookie, icing, candy and all.

We had to capture pictures of Isaac's playmates and friends:

We'd been prepping Isaac for the last few weeks about Halloween ... after all, it can be kinda freaky when all of a sudden your friends are sprouting horns and tails into all different kind of creatures! We read books, selected a pumpkin, etc and I carefully explained that everything is 'make believe' but not real. Maybe that's why he was so eager to wear his costume.

Two nights before the big 'Trick or Treat', he and Papa carved our pumpkin.

He was rather dubious about the whole process, after all, he had picked his pumpkin out several days before and was fond of rolling it around our living room. I suppose disemboweling his 'toy' can be rather disturbing. He was a little frighten of our 'Jack' for the first night, but reconciled himself to it in time for the big night.

The whole Trick or Treat was a cinch for him. We'd practice saying 'Hi' (not quite up to the real phrase yet), waving in an assertive manner, taking a 'treat' and placing it in the bag and finally saying thank you. He was primed for the part and even after having travelled the length of the parking lot for candy, he didn't want to stop. At one point a 'Superman' (about 6'5" in height) had trouble noticing Isaac amid all the other children. Isaac waited patiently, getting louder with each "Hi". When there was no acknowledgement, my son moved in front of a child to face the Superman head on. I swear he established eye contact and then waved his darling chubby hand. My son is not to be deterred once he really wants something!

If you can tell, Papa is wearing his scrubs, which I think was 40% of the adult costumes there. Frightening to think that all the medical residents think it is the scariest they can be - and they're making a living out of it!

I think this was his dance of victory! The nice thing about him is that when he has a full stomach, he doesn't really want the sweets, so a small bag of Swedish fish was sufficient.

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  1. Kids make Halloween so much more fun! You did a fantastic job on Isaac's costume. He is darling, for sure. :)