Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a Lizard Thing

I made Isaac's Halloween costume ... did I say that? Yes, I really did make Isaac's Halloween costume and for those who know me, I sew straight lines, that's about it! I wanted a diversion from the Ike troubles and went looking early for a costume for Isaac. Unfortunately, costume makers assume that all people celebrate Halloween in a cold climate and the children begin to look like stuffed snow bunnies with elaborate appendages affixed. Besides, I wanted it to be something that Isaac could use again and again for fun without having to sweat buckets. I looked at Martha Stewart's website (did I mention I'm a new convert of hers! ) and found couple of great ideas that just needed tweaking. The tail and back scales are made so they actually attach to his PJ's. I bought the fabric to match them and you can't hardly tell except up close. The hat was trickier and took a bit of work to get it so it'd fit just right but in the end it was worth it. Isaac loved his costume, loved wearing it and even before it was finished he'd hug the tail like a body pillow. Will I do it again ... that depend a great deal on what time I have available, but I can say that I can do it, even if it's only once!

People kept asking if he was a dragon or a dinosaur, it's a lizard thing!

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