Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stuck on You!

Kent and I got to go to the temple today ... together!!! Yes, it's been a lllloooonnnnggggg time since that has happened. Between residency schedules, a boy's schedule, lack of babysitters we know, moving, etc. it's nice to have finally had time together. In fact there was this phantom presence in the backseat that I had to keep looking back at, just to make sure it was really empty. Thank you Emily Roberts... the time was well spent and appreciated!! Besides, Isaac absolutely adores Eden.

He loved the 'Isaac bear' that Eden gave him and was sure to give the bear a mini-blanket when he had his own.

Lately Isaac loves stickers and it's the one thing I can count on occupying him for longer than 20 mins. He's VERY methodical in how he plays with them. First you have to pull them off one by one, randomly place them on a piece of paper. When they are all stuck, you then pull them off and randomly place them on your arm. The cycle continues. His serious expression at the process just cracks me up. I striped him down once to see if he'd enjoy more 'sticking surface area'. My only problem is that now we find unsticky stickers everywhere ... diapers, ears, hair, floor, food.


  1. So... Your family just about to have a big chnage. I hope Kent will find the job that he likes really quicklly and you guys can move permanet place. I havet moving. I hear you. any how, stickers, huh? I should try with Little H too. I mean he is about your son's age, so he might like it too. Little H's favorite toy is a block train and wooden stuck ups. Yeap, he loves to build things I guess. He repeats thousand times. hahaha. After all, he is a son of engineer???? any way, keep posted.

  2. Flo, I finally had a minute to catch up on your blog! You are so sweet and literary! I love the pictures of Isaac and Eden. They are such cute little buddies. And the turnip story! Sheesh! :) Now I just need to catch up on my blog! :)