Friday, November 7, 2008

Major Changes Up Ahead

I've been trying to write this post for days now and since there isn't any way to ease into this news, I think I'll just drop a bomb. Kent is leaving his residency and is looking for work, meaning we may be moving soon. Okay, now that the big part is said and done, I hope to stave off the rising sense of panic you as a reader might be having.

Since Kent's dad passed way, we've come to realize that there are many things that are more lasting and important in life. These things tend to get lost in the shuffle of day to day living and we had the opportunity to re-evaluate our priorities. Medical residencies suck the life out of you, and I have often felt a great deal of empathy for the wives, who are single moms in everything but name. Lucky for us though, residencies are not required for a pharmacist. Kent's first year residency enables him to work in the hospitals as a consult for doctors on drug treatments. A second year residency pretty much guarantees him any job he wants since he will have the experience of someone who's been in the field for 5 years - kinda like a condensed work experience. Trying to get things done around a residency is kinda like trying to get something past a firehose. Do-able, but painful. Apparently there is such a shortage of pharmacists that the competition is not as steep as we thought, and we were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of places that will take Kent with only a first year residency. This being the case, he spoke with his preceptor, and they have agreed to letting him go and have been very kind and generous as he has had to go for interviews during his final 2 weeks of work. Next week Friday will be his last week at MD Anderson.

This decision, as hard as it was for him, gave him a huge sense of relief when it was finally made. The last year was particularly exhausting and with dad's passing, the strain was a little too much. Kent has not had the time he'd like to have with both Isaac and I, and it shows. Just having regular work hours this last week has enabled Isaac to spend so much more time with him, and Isaac is thrilled to pieces. In the past he wouldn't respond as much to Kent, but lately he gets all excited and drags Papa around to see this latest 'project'. He's also available to help with things around the house, and it's nice to be able to know that we have a real weekend ahead. Most of all, Kent has time for himself, time to just 'be' and there is something very necessary in 'stillness' that somehow feeds the soul to enable a person to serve others.

So there are several interviews here with a few hospitals, The Methodist Hospital, St. Luke's in Houston, etc as well as one in Arizona with Maricopa County. I personally have many mixed feelings about where we end up. Frankly I'm tired of moving. It hasn't just been from AZ to NM to TX, the hurricane had us temporary move and there is always a time of adjustment afterwards until things feel settled. But at least the end to it is very much in sight. We shall keep you posted ...


  1. Wow, Flo-- that's big news! Sounds like a great plan, though, very prayerful and well-thought-out. It's so important to have both parents thoroughly involved with home and children. Congrats on making such a huge decision and best wishes with many ahead. What a relief it will be, I'm sure, to finally be "permanent" somewhere!

  2. Good luck. We will pray for you guys!! And help!! Let us know what we can do. Hugs, Em

  3. We're happy for you guys and know it was a tough decision to make. We also know you'll blossom wherever you're planted.

  4. WHOAH! that is exciting and big news! How great to be in a career where there is a "shortage" Kent has always been such a hardworker and so ambitious. Hope the interviews go well- that's a big deal deciding where you want to be permanent at- I look forward to when we are in your shoes!
    and can I just say that lizard costume is pretty impressive! Way to go- isaac could not look any cuter!

  5. Holy crap! Congratulations! That is a big decision, but I love that you guys are willing to make a big change to keep your lives in line with what you want.

    I hope you end up somewhere you will be happy in for a long time.

  6. Wow! I wish we had this option!
    You'll definitely have to keep us updated, especially if you come back here! I loved the post about the stickers too...Aren't they so funny when they're concentrating!
    Oh and We're going to be out of town for Dec. and wondered if we can send you a check for rent?? You can e-mail me and let me know what to do if you want.