Monday, March 9, 2009

Got Pee?

It was a busy evening. In addition to having our Family Home Evening, we decided to give Isaac his very own potty. Now prior to this, I'd been reading many books to him about using the potty. He loves them and never fails to pull them out to read multiple times in a day. He loves flushing the toilet (especially when Mama is still sitting on it), can say 'pee-pee' and 'poo-poo' and can take off his own pants. I taught him these things tentatively, just because I'd heard so many nightmare stories from other moms about toilet training - especially with boys.

Since speaking with these moms I've modified my expectations: I know he'll probably be in pull-ups during the night for a LONG time, I'm going to be ultra serious of doing it when we're home (which is all but 4 hours in a day where we'll be drink water and juice like crazy), and I'm willing to use pull-ups when we go out and make the move later to underwear and risk being peed on, above all, I know this will be a unsanitary and tedious business but worthwhile in the end. Given these thoughts, we planned to get serious about it after we get back from Disney World, but gave him the potty two and a half weeks early so he could 'play' with it and get prepped for it when we come back.

He was thrilled with it and immediately practiced sitting down. I didn't expect anything more, but he insisted on removing his clothing and diaper. He said he need to 'pee-pee'. Lo and behold, after sitting down and getting up multiple times, he had actually peed in it. Of course we never thought he would and never really looked until he was carting the potty around and spilling pee on the carpet! "Duh Mama and Papa .... didn't I say I had to pee-pee?"

A present this large has got to be good! Yes, I used Christmas wrap.

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