Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well Worth It!

We had an enormously busy day out in Tempe today. Kent's work had a carnival out there in Kawanis and we drove out early for some family fun. I must admit I was reluctant at first, it's a long ways away and was sure to disrupt our schedule ... but I let go the the 'Mom' in me and I'm so glad we went.

Isaac was thrilled to feed the ducks and kept yelling for more food for them. Mama, being the practical Chinese she is, kept wondering how good such fat birds would be for Peking Duck! After that we spent sometime at a playground to run off some energy.

We got there just as things were starting up. The night before there was a toy just like this at the church game night, but Isaac was too terrified to try it. Fortunately, this one was made for adults as well, so Papa was induced to get on and show Isaac some fun. Before we knew it, we could hardly get the kid off! Inside it, you could climb up to an enormous slide that Isaac just couldn't get enough of. Unfortunately, the rungs on the ladder for it were too far apart, this entailed that Papa had to push him up and then slide down and begin the adventure all over again .... and again....and again. At one point Kent suggested I should have gotten in with Isaac. Talk about an amusing thought (for the observer and most definitely not for me) a winded pregnant woman attempting to shove a 30lb boy up a steep wall while on unsteady ground. I'm glad I skipped it!

Today was a day of many 'firsts' for Isaac. We're never tempted at a carnival-like atmosphere to buy cotton candy or snow cones ... it's far too expensive! ("that thing costs what 3 dim sum dishes would be!") But today those things were just a part of the party and we took full advantage of it. Besides, Kent and Isaac had burned a wallop of sugar off playing, it was time to refill!

There is something intrinsic in the nature of cotton candy that makes one feel like a kid again. Maybe it's the fact you're sinking your teeth into air for that whisper of sugar that melts instantly on your tongue in a delightful strawberry flavor. Or perhaps its because tickles your hair and eyelashes as you get a mouthful and end up looking like a pinkified Santa. I don't know exactly what it is, but each time I have it, I feel like a little person again!

Isaac kept saying 'bbrrrr' as he ate his snow cone but he sure as heck wouldn't put it down for a second!

As is, we were way off schedule and had to sing loudly to keep Isaac from falling asleep on the way home. It was worth it though.


  1. It is very fun for parents to see how happy our kids are.

  2. How fun is that! I love Isaac's face while he's feeding the ducks. :)

  3. Looks like you guys are loving it! We miss you here in Houston! Eden often says sadly, "Do you remember Baby Isaac--except he's not a baby anymore. He moved to Arizona with his mama and daddy." :) Hope everything is going well with your new little one growing! Hugs!