Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heart Attack!

So since the last post about Isaac sleeping at our door in the morning he's been really good about sleeping in his bed until I get him up. On the other hand I've been up almost every 2-3 hours at night, taking a potty break, filling a famished stomach or due to the insistent beeping of Kent's pager. Technology definitely has its set backs... if only the stupid thing would beep when there's an important message, rather than every time someone decides to send an email.

Needless to say, after several nights like this I was absolutely exhausted last night and dropped like a boulder off a cliff. Imagine a sleep so deep that your limbs feel as if they've been cemented to the bed. Around 4 am I barely registered a strange noise in our room. Before I could comprehend what it was, I was already falling back asleep when suddenly a tiny cold hand grabs at me. I gasp with my heart lodged in my throat and turn to see Isaac crawling up into our bed. It made me wonder if my heart-attack like symptoms are the reason why mothers learn never to sleep too deeply!

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  1. oh... Poor, Flo... I am a supper light sleeper, so I wake up with smallest noise that you can think of... I know it is annoying to hear the beep!!!! I had my cell phone rang middle of the night when I was walking... Not only once... I hated it. So I feel you and Kent. I hope you guys can have a good night sleep tonight.