Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snuddle Time Playdoh and TP

We found the solutions to Isaac's sleep problems, extra snuggle (or snuddle) time. Since Kent began spending an extra 10 mins every evening snuggling and talking to Isaac, he stays asleep and in bed all through the night. It's wonderful!

He's also added a morning snuddle session when he gets up first thing and comes into the room to crawl into bed with me. At first it was a little irritating, but now it's become my favorite thing. He tucks his cold little feet up against my legs, wriggles in close and once he's settled he'll doze for 10-15 mins. I watched him this morning, twitching a little in his sleep. He's so beautiful and it amazes me that God has given me the privilege of having him to teach, love and hold. He wakes up slowly, and we usually chat about the day or anything that's on his mind (usually, things like raisins, cereal and fruit - how can you tell he's my son!) It's been a wonderful way to start the day.

I realized looking at him how much he's growing up. He's become rather vocal, using words we didn't know he knew to try and explain what he wants. Most of the time it's in English, but if I ask it of him, he say it in Cantonese for me. While it's been wonderful to actually talk to him there are things I miss. I miss the way he'd put his teeth together and suck in when he wanted cheese, or his varying 'clacks' of the tongue, one for light and one for ice cream depending on the pitch. (Yes, he did sound like that odd African tribe and their tongue clacking language) His garbled baby talk will soon leave him entirely and I will miss the sweet indecipherable sounds.

Other fun things to note: he has a love-hate relationship with playdoh, he loves all the possibilities that can be done, but hates how he can't manipulate it to do exactly what he wants. Here he's loudly announcing he's "DONE!!!!"

He loves building with the TP rolls, but knows that he's not to unwrap them. Of course, being the inquisitive toddler he his, he can't help but wonder why. This is the end result ... I should have known that 5 minutes of silence was dangerous! While he cleaned up he kept rolling himself up in it and laughing at his tissue thin toga. Mama had a hard time keeping a stern face.

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  1. congratulations on finding a sleep solution! when i have some time to sleep with either child i really love it. they are so sweet and peaceful when their eyes are shut! i love their waking hours, too, but i find it hard to catch a breath and actually watch them when they're awake.