Friday, March 13, 2009

Where do Babies Come From?

Isaac's a real jewel first thing in the morning. He loves sitting in our bed reading books under the covers while I get ready for the day. Now that I'm beginning to really show, I often point out where 'baby' is. Being the sweetheart he is, he came up to me and offered his blanket to 'baby'. He seemed a little offended when I explained that 'baby' doesn't need his blanket yet, so I pulled out one of the pregnancy books I have and began to show him the pictures. Right away he could pick out 'baby'. He was fascinated as we looked through the months and I explained that until 'baby' was big enough, he/she couldn't come out. Of course this entailed showing him the birthing pictures. He's read a lot of books about birds hatching from eggs and I didn't want him to think Mama just cracked right open (though that's a little like how it feels!) Once I was done explaining he looked thoughtfully at my belly, gave it a kiss and said, "Hi baby". I thought I did my job well especially when he came back to look some more at the pictures.

Later today after a particularly filling lunch, Isaac lifted up his shirt and pointed to his belly, "BABY" he proudly said. Okay, so my job wasn't quite as thorough as I thought. I explained that he would someday be a Papa and only Mama's can carry babies inside. Now I'm just waiting for the day when he points to a larger woman and loudly says, "BABY"! How do I explain that one!

Here he's practicing for when baby comes, packing a diaper and even giving kisses!


  1. You're doing a wonderful job! What a great big brother Isaac will be.

  2. Yea, Issac! He's going to be such a great big brother. We used to take Noah to my ultrasound visits, and so Noah thought the baby came from computer. Love the duck photo!

  3. cute boy! he sounds like he's all set for a sibling :)