Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blessings for a Daughter

The 'nesting syndrome' has a strong hold on me. I find myself cleaning everything within a safe reach - tile and grout, baseboards, cupboards, window sills and blinds. Unfortunately for Kent even though he's not the one pregnant he is still enlisted in the chores I am unable to do - cleaning ceiling fans, wiring, shelving for the children's closet, backyard work, etc. 'Enlisted' really is the perfect word, he hasn't much choice and has graciously learned that to heed a list is the best response! ;0) Once most of that was achieved, I began squirreling away food into the deep freeze for those sleepless, incoherent moments when I will need a good meal. I have a rather impressive store of wonton meat filling, steam buns with meat and veggies, spring rolls, potsticker filling and even tang yuen when I'm homesick for a dessert. That's just for the 'Chinese' side in me. I'm working on other stuff, like quiche and pasta as well.

Amid all this, we realized we had yet to work on a Chinese name for our little girl. Chinese names are different in that it is a set of characters chosen to represent characteristics or blessing you wish for the child. In Isaac's case - Tien Ahn - it was a wish of heaven's peace to reside in his soul. Many Chinese girl names reflect beauty, a flower or a precious stone. Perhaps it's because I am a woman and I know the difficulties that she will face as the world tears at her inherent worth as a child of God that finding the right characters means so much to me. To all those who have daughters, what wish or blessing would you give your child that she would hear each time her name was spoken? There are only 7 weeks to go!


  1. I think it's so neat that you have such a cool heritage with traditions to pass on to your children. I think my blessings for my daughters would be that they would always know their worth as daughters of Heavenly Father. I don't know how you would sum that up. I wish I had a Chinese name! Oh and also some of that yummy food you were mentioning :) Good luck in the next 7 weeks and try to not notice that they will be the hottest! I was preggo at the same time 2 years ago so I feel your pain!

  2. I just read the YW conference address by Pres. Monson. He talked about courage. Kind of a different value-- not necessarily feminine, but definitely one I would wish for my daughter as she goes through life in a world that will, as you said, tear at her self-worth and divine identity... and a value I don't think is necessarily focused on in developing womanhood, but is essential nonetheless.

  3. Hi Flo, I don't know if you will remember me! We went to the same singles ward back in Mesa some years ago and you wrote me a sweet quote one Sunday I think by St. Mary, when I was struggling with something! You were always such a sweet heart! Back then you knew me Jamie McGhan, but I finally married Art 4 years later so my last name is Hatch. Art is in his last year of Medical School in Vegas and we have a 2 & a 1/2 year old little girl! I was looking for some fellow class mates from High School, since My ten yr. is coming up and I found you and Kent! Congrats on the being that much closer to having another beautiful spirit in your family...My blog is
    I hope you don't think me odd for getting in touch with an old friend, is was just nice to see a familiar face! I would love to keep in touch now that I found ya! I wish your family all the happiness and blessings one can offer!

  4. It has been a while since I visited your blog. Sounds like you are working on to have a new comer! I am supper excited for you. It is not easy to have two young children but I tell you, it is the best thing in a while world to have these kids. Every day I have not time for shower nor eating hahaha. (yeap, it is hard to find the time but I still not be able to loose all my weight back. I wonder why...) I just cannot wait to see your new one and hope everything will go smoothly.