Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Music Critic

When we left for residency, Kent and I decided to leave the piano with some friends. Little did we know how much we'd miss our venting sessions on it. Bach when we want a challenge, Chopin for the moments we just want to show off, Beethoven (especially for me) when we're moody, Debussy and Mendelssohn for our mellow times and the occasionally Rachmaninoff with all it's passion. Since coming back to our house Kent and I try and find the opportunity to play piano like we did once before but find it difficult with a little boy who wants to play just like his parents. The few times we really get some of that practice in we come off refreshed - better and cheaper than a session of counselling!

Unfortunately we've had a commentator of sorts while we play. It isn't Isaac; he doesn't seem to have too much of a discriminating taste. Rather it's our pet rabbit Sunshine. It's obvious the moment we finish warming up with technique, she wanders over and settles herself comfortably at the base of the piano. She'll sit for a moment and if things sound good eventually she'll stretch our like a little brown pelt and lay in peaceful bliss. The moment I want to work on a few measures, perfecting that Chopin run or when I feel the need to pound out some Beethoven, she gets up, give us a baneful expression and hops off to the other room. Amateurs! Well I guess you can't make everyone 'hoppy'! ;0)

The soothing effects of Debussy's 'Clair de Lune'.

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