Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Stretch

We're in the home stretch and down to those weekly doctor appointments where you find out with some trepidation how close the 'big event' is. Most of the times you're disappointed since the discomfort has finally reached a point where any joking about it elicits a strong desire to slap the individual teasing. On the other hand, there is a sense of relief as you think of all the little things yet to be prepared for the tiny person's arrival.

Four days prior to the appointment I had the distinct impression that she had 'dropped'. While it's great to be able to breath a little easier, there have been sharp pains in the region and whenever I pick Isaac up I get Braxton-Hicks contractions lasting for over 20 mins. It's a little early, I have 4 weeks left and so my cervix is have the workout of a lifetime trying to 'suck it up' with a few pounds resting directly on it. Dr. DeSalvo confirmed all of this in his own words, "Whoa baby.... yeah she's right there!!!"

Kent came with to the appointment and was given a stern reminder to be full of sympathy since this was definitely not a walk in the park. Permission granted to gripe! No effacement yet, but I'm taking it easy from this point out, it's just a touch too soon for her to come.


  1. So exciting! I know it's no fun with all of that pressure, but at least she'll be more than ready when the time comes! I can't wait to see what she looks like :)

  2. hang in there my love! can you send me your mailing address again, want to send some thing for your little one......and the brother. Since I am really behind in sending stuff. I think I should at least at the address first when I,Abbey