Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Steps

Keila the cutie buggaboo is much like a lump in comparison to other children her age. She has no desire to move if there is an abundance of 'snuddle-love' around (holding, hugs, kisses) If you've been following our blog you'll know that it took the first taste of sugar in the form of a Popsicle to get her crawling. That was only 2 months ago. In fear that walking would only occur once she became of school age, Kent decided to 'practice' daily with her. It only took a day or two for her confidence to grow and now she is the wiggle worm that all toddlers her age are. Our only problem is that we don't have the energy - or the backside- to keep holding her hands and helping her to walk!

Her recent doctor's visit put her at 30 inches in height and just under 20 lbs - average for her height and a skinny peanut for her weight. She eats like a horse though and we've decided she's a carb queen with a sweet tooth. Can you tell by the way she's sucking down that juice ... "There's more than water out there?!"

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