Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trying Harder

Growing up my parents were diligent in having us read scriptures as a family as well as having Family Home Evening lesson. It's something I appreciate more now as I have children. It's amazing how much of a deterrent it is to do it when you have fidgety kids, much less grouchy, unhappy, tantrum throwing screaming children. But we all know that NEVER happens... right? Up till now we do brief lessons on Monday night and read a scripture together before bed. It's always a little haphazard, we flip to one we know and read it and talk about it. Kids being as bright as they are, particularly Isaac, seem to sense this and his response has been just as piecemeal as our efforts. Feeling a little frustrated, I read through some sources and drew upon my wisdom from my teaching years and came up with a weekly plan.

We disposed of a desk that Kent's dad had made years ago, but before doing so, we took off one of the doors and I made it into a cork board and hung it on Isaac's wall. We then took a scriptural figure from the gospel art kit (specifically Noah - for this week) and tacked it up in his room. Family Home Evening on Monday night was reading through the Old Testament reader the story of Noah with the picture as a focal point. The following nights scripture thoughts are all based on the story of Noah with different objectives. For instance we talk about covenants (like the one that God made with Noah and symbolized in the rainbow), families (male and female), obedience and the blessing associate with it, etc. So each evening we simply look at the 'lesson plan' read the scripture and focus comment on it.

It seems to be better for all of us. We're a little more prepared and honestly speaking, getting to know our scriptures and past prophets better. Isaac likes having the picture up in his room and knowing that we change it out makes it fun. I hope that since we talk about this prophet for a week that he comes to see a more 'rounded' view of God working in our lives, not just the God of justice vs. the God of love.

So if any of you have any other helpful ideas or websites to draw from, please let me know. It's so hard to keep a toddler interested and attentive. I must admit that I'm amazed at the things that Isaac can grasp as young as he is especially when I think nothing is getting through. I know that there will still be the tantrum throwing fits and many, many, MANY times where I swear I'm talking to a wall, but the hopes that consistently doing this will give my children the opportunity to feel of the spirit and gain a testimony of their own that God does work in their lives. Time will tell.

Isaac's so proud of his decorated room! We do pictures of our own to go with the lesson and put them into the Ikea frames.

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  1. This is what life is...changing and moving forward. I find it so difficult to change our old lazy habits. Thanks for the reminder.