Monday, August 9, 2010

Little Friends

Our neighbors went out of town for a while and gave us the loan of their pets, namely a Sugar glider named Sugar and 2 turtles. Isaac was enamored with the turtles until they began to stink and then quickly lost interest. The Sugar glider was fascinating though, her tiny little body can put our a large barking noise that really had me thinking it was a new dog in the neighborhood. Unfortunately she did this at 2 am complaining of the food (apparently she doesn't like grapes) and the lack of attention. Since then we feed her what she wants (melons) and pet her a little everyday. It's cute to hear Isaac say,"Sugar, Sugar needs love!"

While it's been fun, I don't personally recommend them as pets. My brief experience has shown me that they're as fussy as children and not half as cuddly!

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